Fort Lee—Not long after a devastating fire at an

Edgewater Relief Photo River View Observer displaced about 1,000 residents the Business District Alliance (BDA) of Fort Lee board members sprang into action to offer help.  First, they all agreed to dip into their budget to donate nearly $5,000.00 by purchasing gift cards to local businesses. (The gift cards can be used at area restaurants and other businesses and were selected based on a priority list of essential items provided by Edgewater Strong, a local charity leading the relief efforts.)  Next BDA Board Members mobilized the area business owners and other stakeholders in Fort Lee to join their efforts with a match of their own.  As a result, hundreds of gift cards have been collected with a collective value of over $2,400.00. This figure coupled with the BDA donation brings the grand total to more than $7,100.  The cards will be distributed by Edgewater Strong (see for info on how to obtain).


“I want to thank our valued business owners in Fort Lee who were quick and happy to help the numerous families impacted by this terrible fire, “said Romina Luppino-Starace, President of the BDA of Fort Lee.  “Because of their generosity and that of our board members, we can do our part to ensure these families have the basic essentials they need to get back on their feet.”

“It’s about neighbors helping neighbors, “said Stuart Z. Koperweis, Executive Director of the BDA of Fort Lee.  “BDA Board members live, work, and own businesses in Bergen County.  Their commitment to helping their neighbors is evident in the selfless service they provide to the BDA by giving countless time, energy, and talent to Fort Lee.  So it came as no surprise when board members voted unanimously in favor of donating funds from the BDA to give to the fire victims, while supporting the local businesses.”

The Business District Alliance of Fort Lee (BDA) is a non-profit organization, in partnership with the Borough of Fort Lee, to revitalize and promote the Main Street Shopping Corridor.  The BDA programs focus on Marketing and Promotions to help businesses thrive and create an environment where people will live, shop, and work.
**** See attached document for a list of businesses that contributed to this relief effort.


Gift Certificates – Edgewater Refief – $7,171.00
BDA                    Match
High Rise Cleaners:  $     200.00                    15 % off
Venus Cleaners:  $     200.00 $100.00
Dom Vitetta Cleaners:  $     200.00 $25.00
Classic Cleaners:  $     200.00 $50.00
Joyce Chinese:  $     200.00 $200.00
Presto’s Pizza:  $     200.00 $75.00
Bing Bagels: $200.00                         $100.00
Baggio’s Pizza: $200.00 $50.00
JD’s Steak Pit: $200.00 $100.00
Nova Pizza and Pasta:  $     200.00 $200.00
Boom Boom Chicken:  $     200.00 $321.00
Greek to Me:  $     200.00 $100.00
In Napoli:  $     200.00 $50.00
Café’ la Maison:  $               – $200.00
Food for Life:  $     200.00 $100.00
School Zone:  $     200.00 $100.00
Hudson Wine Market  $     200.00 $100.00
PHO  $     200.00 $100.00
Original Pancake House  $     200.00 $200.00
Taste of Malaysia  $     200.00 $200.00
Caffe Milano  $              – $100.00
Sugi Restaurant/ DoubleTree  $              – $100.00
Cafasso’s Fairway Market  $              – $200.00
Envision Eye Care: $300.00                  15 % off
Galina Vision:  $     300.00                   15 % off
Total:  $  4,400.00  $               2,771.00
Combined Totals $7,171.00


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