Books- My Father, My Don- by Tony Napoli

my-father-my-don.jpg“ You want to read something fascinating get a copy of Tony Napoli’s  My Father, My Don “- The River View Observer

Published back in September of 2008 this book from beginning to its last word will keep you glued to its pages

My Father, My Don: A Son’s Journey From Organized Crime To Sobriety tells the saga of the Napoli Family, taking the reader on a true-life journey detailing one family’s involvement in American organized crime. Told through the eyes of Anthony “Tony Nap” Napoli, the book follows the story of his father, James “Jimmy Nap” Napoli, who grew up in New York at the turn of the century and ascended through the ranks of the Mafia to become one of the most powerful and respected mob bosses of all time. Jimmy Nap ruled over the largest gambling empire in America for almost 40 years, and his sphere of influence extended to many businesses and industries, including professional boxing, casinos, and entertainment.

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