BOHO ARTSCENE 13 Artists to exhibit at Hendrickson’s Corner in Bayonne

July 16 & 17th -2-Day Show brings Boho Artscene Uptown

Ken Delaney art work

“Cheesesteak Stand” by 
Ken Delaney

 By Sally Deering

 On the weekend of July 16 & 17, Hendrickson’s Corner on 31st & Broadway will be serving its usual menu on its main floor while upstairs it will host a feast for the eyes when the “We the People” Art Show gets underway.

For two days,  13 artists will exhibit paintings, photography, jewelry and other crafts in the collaborative art show curated by artist and Bayonne resident Kevin Delaney whose Bar Napkin Art was recently trademarked by the U.S. Patent Office..  

“The title of the show, We the People, is not anything political,” Delaney says. “It’s just an art show for the regular everyday person who gets forgotten about. The single mother trying to raise her kids, the artist trying to get by, just us, regular everyday people trying to survive for the day.”

Artists showing their work that weekend include Delaney, Ryan,  and Patty Mulligan, Billy Zbylut, LatinSilver, KristieAnn Fitzpatrick, Ann Tedeschi, Erin Kachmar, Moscato, Joanne Fedor, Jeff Ware (Klone Killa) and Christine Crowley.

American Flag art

“United States of Comics”

By Dave Ryan


“For the Hendrickson’s show, I’m mixing it up,” Delaney says. “From artists that do pen and ink, to those who do oils, and photography. We’ll have handmade jewelry, too, and an artist from Brooklyn who custom paints sneakers. . It’s a good network of artists. Dave Ryan, for a living he illustrates comics, I’ll have his stuff in the show. It’s a nice mix, so when the public comes, they’ll see a lot of different stuff. It’s a professional show, but laid back and fun, not any stuffed shirt gallery.”

Ken Delaney napkin art Delaney’s Bar Napkin Art will also be on exhibit along with his canvases.

“I was always an artist,” Delaney says. “I did graffiti, calligraphy. In college, I just stopped. Then in November of ‘99, I just started doing it. I thought it was so much fun. People were hanging them up, bringing them up. I just kept doing them. I got a registered trademark from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. It’s like Nike and Apple, its registered. Bar Napkin Art. It’s my brand, my logo.”

Ken Delaney  Several photographers will be exhibiting in “We the People” including Patty Mulligan, whose work includes Jersey City statues that seem to be Photoshopped, but they’re not, she says. One photo in particular, the statue of a soldier carrying another soldier, a photograph  Mulligan took  in downtown Jersey City, contains an image of the Statue of Liberty in the background – and the two statues almost seem to be touching.

 “I just got a new camera that has some special effects,” Mulligan says, “and I’ve been experimenting with different scenes in illustration and watercolor modes. I’ll be showing some of my new photos with my new camera.”

All the artists are from Bayonne and Mulligan says the Boho art scene is thriving. A lot of new residents have joined the ‘artist circle’ an ever-expanding group of artists that live in Bayonne and new places like the Artist Den, run by owner Tiffany Patrice, are offering artists workshops and a place to create.

Christine Crowley photo

“Pride” by Christine Crowley


“There’s definitely a concentration of artists here,” Mulligan says. “I know some people have come from Jersey City. We are making progress. The Artists’ Den just opened recently. It’s not an art studio where you show work, but one where artists can do painting, sculpting, there are live models on Tuesday nights. Different things every night. We have several new artists that have come in this year, and there’s word of another art studio in the works that may be opening downtown. Everybody’s eager this year to be part of the Boho art scene.”


Photo taken by Patty Mulligan in Jersey City Photo by Patty Mulligan


And what exactly is Boho? Well, the name is a play on “Soho” and was coined by a River View Observer writer in a story a couple years back. Since then, the downtown area from the Bayonne Museum on 9th Street to Boho Yoga on 4th Street is considered Boho. And on July16th & 17th Boho artists will bring a little downtown uptown to Hendrickson’s Corner for a two-day art extravaganza.

 “Kevin does this twice a year at Hendricksen’s,” Mulligan says, “and the owners are wonderful and give us the whole second floor. The lighting is great. Everything is on tables and easels. It’s really nice. And there’s a bar upstairs if somebody wants to have a drink. The owners are just fabulous.”


art piece for Boho art show bayonne Bungle in the Jungle” by Latinsilver


“You can come in see the art and have food downstairs,” Delaney says. “It’s free to get in. It’s for the city of Bayonne, and the artists of Bayonne to put them on the map. We’re giving people a night out and having fun. It’s a really good vibe and I’m glad I’m part of it.”

  If you go                                                                            

Sat, July 16, 4-10 pm; Sun, July 17, 1-4 pm

We the People Art Show

Hendrickson’s Corner (2nd Floor)

671 Broadway, BAY

(201) 437-4955

Free Admission




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