In a memo to City of Bayonne department directors that was issued on February 14, Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that “City employees are no longer required to wear protective masks within municipal buildings or within City vehicles,” subject to various conditions and certain exceptions.

          The new City policy states “it is highly recommended that our employees wear masks when interacting with members of the general public and it is also highly recommended that social distancing practices continue to be observed.”  The policy also says, “Employees who have tested positive, have been directly exposed and/or who have traveled outside the state are subject to mask and other requirements” established in the new advisory.

          Some mask requirements are still in effect at certain municipal offices. The new policy states, “All visitors to the City Hall Health Clinic and the Office On Aging are still required to wear a protective mask when entering those offices.”      City employees are no longer required to do daily temperature checks or to sign certifications about their health at the beginning of each work shift. 

          Visitors entering City Hall are no longer required to wear masks to enter the building.  

          Isolation periods are still required for City employees who test positive for the Coronavirus.  City employees who travel domestically or internationally must advise the City Nurse of their status prior to their return to work, so that any required quarantine, isolation, or testing protocols can be confirmed or ruled out.