Enzo Palumbo, a Bayonne resident and Insurance Adjuster can now be seen on Big Brother 22 All Stars which airs on CBS Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8 pm, back in 2015 the River View Observer interviewed Palumbo about his Big Brother experience.

Palumbo, who was a contestant on BIG BROTHER 12-2012 told the River View Observer that he remained a huge fan of the show and that he keeps a new strategic plan in his back pocket ready to be used against his enemies when BIG BROTHER decides to do an “All Star” season.

After ten years Palumbo has finally gotten that chance.

Back In 2012, Palumbo came in 3rd, well-known for his use of his moniker “the meow-meow” was a member of The Brigade, an alliance which helped him make it to the final 3. He ultimately placed 3rd after Hayden Moss cast the sole vote to evict him, thus making him the seventh and final member of the jury

Palumbo a fan favorite for being cool and obnoxious has already won Power of Veto in last weeks episode.

Big Brother, which airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursday at 8 p.m., places contestants together in a house filming their every move as they are voted off the show, one by one. The final contestant in the house becomes the winner and earns $500,000.

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