Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith Wants to “Move Bayonne Forward”

 Bayonne Mayor Mark Smith Announces “He’s  Running for Mayor” 

smith-address-crowd1 As Mayor Mark Smith entered the room at the Knights of Columbus to the music of “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen many supporters, family members and well-wishers waited anxiously for words of reassurance about Bayonne’s future. Surrounded by a strong team of five running mates,  an energetic and happy Mayor Smith told the crowd that he and his team are  ready for the Mayoral election this coming May11th. 

smith-and-running-matesDuring his last campaign the former police director stressed the importance of  “changing Bayonne together”, and now as he looks into the future his focus is on “moving Bayonne forward.” Staying true to his past motto of changing Bayonne together, he strongly urges the citizens of Bayonne to work hard alongside of him and his team and to help him achieve his goals for Bayonne.

In his speech to his supporters he expressed that “promises were made, and promises were kept.” As he outlined a list of accomplishments during the past 16 months,  noting  “crushing” city government into a “leaner, meaner machine “having crime  on the run,” and  a more efficient Fire Department.  Smith  explained to the 400 plus crowd that with hard work and determination he will continue to push forward for the betterment of Bayonne and it’s citizens.

 Mayor Smiths running mates  consists of: First Ward; Councilman at large Terrence Ruane,  Joseph Hurley, Second ward, Debra Czerwienski,  Second at-large seat; Agnes Gillespie, First Ward; and Raymond Greaves,   Third Ward. All of Smith’s running mates are new faces in Bayonne politics except for Ruane who runs as an incumbent.

In closing the mayor expressed to the crowd  that his goal is to move Bayonne forward, and he expressed that as he led the crowd in a thunderous chant of “Move Bayonne forward, move Bayonne forward!”

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