Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis Announces Sale of Bayonne Bay West

Atlantic Realty of Woodbridge purchasing 30 acres 

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis with members of Atlantic Realty of Woodbridge

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis Announces Sale of Bayonne Bay West

(Bayonne, NJ) – Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis today announced the sale of approximately 30 acres of the former Military Ocean Terminal (“MOTBY”) to Atlantic Realty of Woodbridge. Atlantic Realty was designated the developer in 2006 under Mayor Doria. The plan calls for construction of 525 residential units, park space, new roads and addition to the Hudson River Walkway. The Project has long been delayed by lawsuits that were finally settled in the spring of 2015 under Mayor Davis. According to the Developer, Jack Halpern, they hope to be under construction by the fall or early spring of 2018 at the latest.

Mayor Davis stated, “This is a long awaited event in the development of MOTBY and for the future direction of Bayonne. The actual transfer of land to a developer is the result of many hours spent by my administration in removing the obstacles to development that have long prevented Bayonne from realizing the potential of this land.” Council President Sharon Ashe Nadrowski indicated, “After sixteen years it’s time to deliver on the promises that were made long ago and begin building for our future. I am just happy that I could be a part of making this a reality and look forward to the other developments that are also scheduled to take place on MOTBY and throughout town.”

Bayonne Bay West is a small part of the overall plan for development at MOTBY. In addition to this development, the City expects Fidelco to begin construction shortly on 200 residential units at Harbor Station South and for JMF Development to initiate construction of substantial retail space at Harbor Station North. 

Mayor Davis noted, “Although this is a major development, it is part of an overall plan to redevelop the city. Bayonne is beginning to see the early signs of growth, with projects under way near the 22nd street light rail station and on Broadway. Saint Barnabas is scheduled to be completed by July of 2017 and other developments are being planned for long abandoned empty lots and the expansion of South Cove Commons is on the horizon.




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