Bayonne Landmark Comes Down, Holiday Tree and Trim

Holiday Tree and Trim a Bayonne Landmark located at 750 Broadway, Bayonne is being torn down, after closing more then ten years ago.

Originally opened in 1967 by Philip Minchello, Holiday Tree and Trim was known as a “Year-round Christmas wonderland,” by both customers and employees.

Once employing 75 full time workers the iconic store would have customers lined up many months in advance leading up to Christmas.

Mr. Minchello in a New York Time article was quoted saying that “December 26th was his busiest time.” and employes said working at Holiday Tree and Trim “didn’t feel like work at all.”

The store supplied artifical trees and a building filled with Holiday decorations of all types.

In the years since their closing the Bayonne landmark would remind Bayonne residents of Christmas’ gone by. However, the Holiday Tree and Trim tradition is still available through a website which was created in 1990 by Team Santa which has been involved in the Christmas industry for over 60 years in honor of passed members of Holiday Tree and Trim family, according to the Christmastopia website.