Bayonne Citywide Clean-Up Set for April 16


cleanup Mayor Mark A. Smith announced that a citywide clean-up called Spring Cleaning Day will take place on Saturday, April 16.  Smith said, “During the winter months, litter accumulated under ice and snow.  Now that the snow and ice have melted, it is time for each residential and commercial neighborhood to do a good spring cleaning. The goals of the day cleaning the city, educating people against littering, and encouraging everyone to take responsibility

Each of Bayonne’s eleven public elementary schoolyards and the schoolyard of All Saints Catholic Academy will serve as a neighborhood supply center for the clean-up effort.  Residents and businesses interested in participating should report to the nearest schoolyard before 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 16, to receive directions and pick up supplies for cleaning up neighborhoods.  Participants will receive a list of suggested areas to clean. The supplies available will include gloves, garbage and recycling bags, dustpans, and shovels.  People are also welcome to use their own supplies, if they have them. 

            Supplies will be available at the following eleven schoolyards:

  1. Henry Harris School, Avenue C and 5th Street
  2. Philip G. Vroom School, West 26th Street near Broadway
  3. Dr. Walter F. Robinson School, West 31st Street between Avenue C and Kennedy Boulevard
  4. Mary J. Donohoe School, Dodge Street and East 5th Street
  5. Lincoln Community School, Prospect Avenue and 30th Street
  6. Horace Mann School, West 38th Street near Broadway
  7. Midtown Community School, Avenue A and 24th Street
  8. Washington Community School, Avenue B and 47th Street, at rear of school
  9. Woodrow Wilson School, West 56th Street and Avenue B
  10. John M. Bailey School, West 10th Street
  11. Nicholas Oresko School (School #14), East 24th Street near Avenue E
  12. All Saints Catholic Academy, 19 West 13th Street


            City officials are asking clean-up participants to pay particular attention to removing litter at street corners, around abandoned properties, in gutters, and by homes owned by elderly and disabled people.  One of the goals of the clean-up is to keep debris out of the sewer system, so that it would not end up in local bodies of water. During Saturday morning, participating neighbors should place litter in either recycling or garbage bags, and then tie the bags.  Volunteers are asked to give one hour to clean up a neighborhood, from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.  Before 12:00 Noon, participants should transport tied, filled bags to Avenue C and place them for pick-up on southeast corners of that avenue.  A municipal crew with a truck will pick up the bags.

            Mayor Smith concluded, “The City of Bayonne would like to thank the following sponsors of Spring Cleaning Day 2011: the Bayonne Board of Education, the Bayonne city Council Members, Bayonne Community Bank (BCB), the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority, the Bayonne Women’s Club, the New Jersey Clean Communities Council, the Passaic Valley Sewerage Commissioners, and the Ray Greaves Association.  I would like to thank the various agencies and associations involved for organizing this effort. I urge everyone in the city who is able to join in this clean-up operation.”





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