Bayonne Baytown Benefit Concert Friday September 22nd, 2017

Bayonne to Baytown Concert

Exciting Update Regarding Bayonne to Baytown Benefit Concert on Friday, September 22: Bayonne resident Award Winning Actress Tammy Blanchard will sign autographs with other celebrities and appear on stage and also appearing  American Idol Star Jackie Nese will perform

Bayonne to Baytown Concert
Actress Tammy Blanchard
Bayonne to Baytown Concert
Jackie Nese

Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis announced that Bayonne resident Award Winning Actress Tammy Blanchard: Tallulah,  Into the Woods, The Good Shepherd, Rabbit Hole and many other screen  stage and television  roles will be on hand for the Benefit Concert to sign autographs, appear on stage  and lend a hand to support Bayonne  in helping Baytown Texas.

Also  American Idol star Jackie Nese and her dancers will be performing and signing autographs at the Bayonne to Baytown benefit concert on Friday, September 22. Jackie is a rising star who ignites the passion in her young hip audiences with every performance. Along with Nashville star Joe Bayer, The Blue Dawg Band, Rocco and the Mob, and various other performers, she will rock the house.

Please support the flood victims by attending the concert and making a free will offering, buy a t-shirt, eat a hot dog … all proceeds to go to Baytown, Texas flood victims

The concert will take place at DiDomenico-16th Street Park on Friday, September 22, from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.  The park is located in Bayonne between Avenue A and Newark Bay on the western side of the city.  The concert location is an amphitheater on the lower level of the park. Audience members are invited to bring their own chairs, because provided seating is limited.

The Bayonne Economic Opportunity Foundation (BEOF), Bayonne’s community action organization, will accept donations of any size in lieu of a set admission fee.  Checks should be made payable to the BEOF with “Baytown” written in the memo portion of the check.  Donations can also be made online at  To make online donations on the BEOF website, please follow the logo for Hurricane Harvey donations and click on it.  That will bring you to the donation page. The BEOF will act as the recipient of tax-deductible donations to assist the people of Baytown. The BEOF will disburse funds to Baytown following the concert. Admission to the concert will be based on a free-will offering. No donation will be considered too large or too small. At the concert, there will be a table set up to accept electronic donations.  Cash donations will also be accepted, but checks and electronic donations are preferred for reasons of security and tax-deductibility.

             To inquire about sponsorships, please contact Recreation Supervisor Pete Amadeo at 201-858-6129. Local vendors who are willing to donate their profits to the BEOF for the Bayonne to Baytown project should contact Mr. Amadeo to apply to participate in the September 22 event.



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