Christmas Remebrance of the Alexandrov Ensemble and the Victims of 911

Schiller Chorus singing
Christmas Remebrance of the Alexandrov Ensemble and the Victims of 911 will take place on  Saturday, January 7, 2017, at 10:00 a.m., at Bayonne’s Tear Drop 9-11 Memorial at 51 Port Terminal Blvd. Bayonnone. 
The Schiller Institute NYC Chorus will be singing the Star Spangled Banner and the Russian National Anthem at a Wreath Laying Ceremony. The chorus will be joined by the NYPD Ceremonial Unit Color Guard, as well as FDNY representatives, and the Honor Guard from the Bayonne Fire Department.  Ms. Terry  Strada, the Chairwoman of 9-11 Families United for Justice Against Terror and other dignitaries others will make brief remarks.

On Christmas Day (December 25th) a plane carrying the entire Alexandrov Ensemble (Red Army Chorus), which is a beautiful gem of Russian culture and good will, crashed into the Black Sea en route to Syria where they were going to give the gift of beauty to people in a nation ravaged by war for five long years. A beloved medical doctor, Dr. Liza Glinka, who is famous for her humanitarian work among the most desperate, was also onboard, with medical supplies for a hospital in Latakia.  All 92 passengers and crew perished in the crash.
The Red Army Chorus and the NYPD
In 2011, the Quebec City International Festival of Military Bands took place on the 10th anniversary of September 11th, 2001. The Red Army Chorus had joined with the NYPD Ceremonial Unit to perform “God Bless America” but the Russian group turned it into a moving 9-11 memorial with baritone, Grigory Osipov beautifully singing the solo, and a young boy presenting the NYPD with a single white rose.  Grigory Osipov was among those who perished on Christmas Day (watch performance here:
 January 7th is Christmas Day in the Eastern Orthodox Calendar, and therefore the day to remember those who would have brightened the holidays with their God-given talents, and who remembered our great loss of September 11, 2001. We remember all of them this day, and want their families and the people of Russia, who have suffered a great loss, to know that America remembers.

GPS directions: search for 51 Port Terminal Blvd, Bayonne NJ (the address of the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority), and continue for one more mile, to the end of the road, past the Cape Liberty Cruise Port (2.1 miles from the turn off of Route 440).
1.    Take the New Jersey Turnpike to Exit 14A-Bayonne.
2.    After paying toll bear to Right, follow signs for Route 440.
3.    Go up ramp and then follow signs to Route 440 South.
4.    At traffic light, turn onto Route 440 South, and go south about 1.2 miles.
5.    Follow signs for the Bayonne Ocean Terminal.
6.    At the first traffic light turn Left at Goldsborough Dr which merges into Port Terminal Boulevard.
7.    Go 2.1 miles from the traffic light to the end of the road, past the Cape Liberty Cruise Port.

Call 646-509-5451 for more information.