“al Quaida Sympathizer” had Bayonne New Jersey Police Headquarters in his sights-

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Not Clear Why the Bayonne Police Department Was  Considered a Target By Suspect, 27 year-old Jose Pimentel, a resident of Manhattan considered a “Lone Wolf ” Terrorist

City of Bayonne City of Bayonne Department of Public Safety

(Bayonne) The New York City Police Department on Saturday arrested An “al-Qaida sympathizer” accused of plotting to bomb police and post offices in New York City and U.S. troops returning home as well as Bayonne Police Headquarters.
Public Safety Director Jason O’Donnell said that the Bayonne Police Department is working with the NYPD and other agencies involved in connection with the continuing investigation.

O’Donnell said, “It is an unfortunate sign of the times that we must all be ever-vigilant in the fight against terrorism.” O’Donnell said there must be a continuing partnership with our citizens to help identify and report anything unusual that people see. “Average citizens are our eyes and ears on the frontline in the war against terrorism,” said O’Donnell, “If something doesn’t seem right, it should be reported to the police at 201-858-6900 so that they can take appropriate action.”
In accordance with department policy, Bayonne has stepped up security around government buildings. The department is cooperating with the appropriate agencies to gain a better understanding of why Bayonne was included in the suspect’s supposedly intended targets. It is not yet clear why the Bayonne Police Department would be targeted by the suspect, 27 year-old Jose Pimentel, a resident of Manhattan. NYPD described Pimentel as a “lone-wolf” who was apparently acting alone.
Bayonne Mayor Mark A. Smith Joined New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg in thanking the New York City Police and the Department’s Intelligence Division for their work in apprehending Pimentel. Mayor Smith echoed Director O’Donnell’s opinion that citizens should report anything that seems out of the ordinary in the community. “If something seems unusual or out of place in your neighborhood, you should call the police and let them check it out,” said Smith.