Actor Chris Mulkey Who plays Hudson County Boss Frank Hague on HBO’s Boardwark Empire meets Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop

Photo by Steve Mack- On Sunday May 11th, actor Chris Mulkey of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire fame met with Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop. The two Mayors, Mulkey, who  plays legendary Hudson County Boss Frank Hague in the HBO mega hit Boadwalk Empire  ,and Mayor Fulop discussed Frank Hague,(Mayor Fulop showed Mulkey around Jersey City’s City Hall  and they also talked about the  new independent Film “The Jersey Devil,” which stars Mulkey shot in Jersey City with the assistance of NJCU film students.
Pictured above  Michael Billy, Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop, Chris Mulkey and Jarl Haugedal. Billy and Haugedal are partners in the  Jersey City based production companies; Humanity Pride Productions and Green Light Films which produce The Jersey Devil  Indie Film .
Fulop has given the green light on seeing Jersey City become the go to place for movies in New Jersey.