10 Things Men Like To Do Before Football Games


By Jason Taylor 

10 things men do before a football game Whether it’s Sunday morning, Monday night or the night before the Super Bowl, most men have rituals that they like to adhere to before a football game. Let’s take a look at some of the common things men will do in the moments or hours leading up to kickoff.

1) Make a Beer/Food Run

Watching football isn’t the same without a cold beer or a piping hot pizza to enjoy during the game. If you are going to the game, beer and food are a must for a quality tailgate. For those who don’t like to be ordinary with their food, some interesting meals could include brown sugar ribs, stuffed mushrooms, and beer-battered mad and cheese bites.

2) Watch the Preview Shows

Watching ESPN or CBS on a Sunday morning is almost like going to church for some. It gets fans in the mood for what they are going to be watching for the rest of the day.

3) Check Their Fantasy Lineups

Fantasy football is one of the most popular games on the planet right now. As players can be scratched up to 90 minutes before kickoff, it is important to check the roster one last time to ensure the best possible lineup.

4) Check the Betting Odds

Betting odds can say a lot about who fans think is going to win a game. Therefore, even if a guy doesn’t gamble, he may look at Vegas for guidance as to which teams may do well in a given week. For Super Bowl LI, The New England Patriots are favored by three points over the Atlanta Falcons.

5) Check Social Media

The hours before a game are the best time to talk smack with opposing fans, get insight from players and generally get last minute news about a team. When used properly, social media may also be a good source to watch highlights of past games or get an updated weather report.

6) Throw the Football Around Outside

Whether at home or in the parking lot before the game, it is never a bad idea to throw the ball around or play some touch football in the yard with friends.

7) Get Dressed in Replica Gear

Most football fans will wear their team colors proudly whenever they play. This may include wearing a at, a replica jersey or just anything with the team’s logo on it.

8) Lookup Who is Announcing the Game

Football fans want to know that the announcers are going to be able to call a game properly. They also want to know ahead of time whether to mute the TV in favor of the radio broadcast to avoid someone who may be biased against their favorite team.

9) Look at Coverage Maps for a Particular Game

The television map for a game gives an indication as to how popular the team is nationwide. It may also be worth looking at to see if your team may be on TV if you don’t live in their home broadcast market.

10) Give a Spouse or Girlfriend a Quick Overview Before Kickoff

If a guy is going to watch a game with a girlfriend or spouse, he may be tempted to give a quick overview of why the game is important. This may prevent him from having to give basic explanations while the game is being played.

Keeping in mind a  lot of women are really up on football today and  already  know the  game overview which makes watching the game much more enjoyable for both parties.

If you’re a guy, you probably have a routine on Sunday or before your team plays on Monday or Thursday night. While you may not do all the things on this list, you probably know at least one person who does

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