Union City’s Donna Bostany Appearing in Polaris North’s “Plays For A Summer Night”

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Union City actress Donna Bostany appearing in a play at New York City's Polaris North
Union City actress Donna Bostany appearing in a play at New York City's Polaris North

Union City Actress Donna Bostany will appear in a play “Sammy and Delilah”  on Sunday June 26, 8pm – Monday June 27 , 8pm and Tuesday June 28th 8pm as part of Polaris North’s “PLAYS’ FOR A SUNNER NIGHT.”

Anyone wishing to attend must RSVP 212-939-2361

POLARIS NORTH 245 w 29TH st 4th Floor, New York City


The following plays will be presented:

“Corporate Alchemy”   “Opportunity” Written and Directed by Ron Palais* Written and Directed by Edgar Chisholm*With: Joan Lunoe* and Barry Lank With: Amy Chang and Yasuhito Miyazono, Danny Hong, plus Yukiko Miyawaki Choreographer,

“Off-Key Aria” and Michael Bevins, Costume Design.
Written by Edward Lassiter*, Directed by Carla Torgrimson* “Sara’s Bench” With: David Elyha*, Keith Herron*, and Rick Alessa* Written by Eleanor Herman* Directed by Diane Martella*
With: Carol Carter, Hope Harley, and Fulton C. Hodges

“Sammy and Delilah” Written by Anne Pie’ * Directed by Phillip Filiato* “The Hotel Lobbyist” With: Rick Alessa* and Donna Bostany* Written by Bara Swain, Directed by Diane Martella*With Joan Shepard* and Grant Machan*
* Member of Polaris North Inc.

Polaris North was established over 34 years ago by a small group of actors and playwrights who saw an opportunity to pool their money and energies to pay for a small space that could then be used by each of them in whatever way they felt would advance their professional careers.  That small group has grown to hover around the 100 mark over the years, that small original space has increased to one almost 3 times the original space.  Continuing their original mission, to maintain a space which members can use to further their professional careers.

 Polaris North is a not-for-profit organization  that operates as a cooperative,  a total volunteer organization, which has no paid staff and are governed by an Executive Committee, also unpaid, consisting of 4 elected officers and 3 advisors appointed by the committee.  Their   mission statement reflects their original intent: “Polaris North is a cooperative group of actors, playwrights and directors.  By payment of annual dues, the members maintain a studio space which can be used by them in various ways as they see fit to enhance their professional careers.”

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