Bayonne Switching to Night Recycling Pick-Ups Effective October 4

Zone 1 runs from 1st Street to 16th Street, including Broadway from 1st Street to 16th Street, Trembley Court, and Country Village Court. 

Zone 2 runs from 16th Street to 32nd Street, including Broadway from 16th Street to 32nd Street, Avenue F, West Drive, East Court, and Centre Lane. 

Zone 3 runs from 32nd Street to 63rd Street, including Broadway from 32nd Street to the City Line, Sycamore Road, Colonial Drive, and Harbour Pointe. 

            Zone 1 recycling will take place on Tuesday nights, beginning Tuesday, October 4.  Zone 2 recycling will take place on Wednesday nights, beginning Wednesday, October 5.  Zone 3 recycling will take place on Thursday nights, beginning Thursday, October 6.  All of the recycling pick-ups for cans/bottles and mixed paper/cardboard will take place during the night-time hours.  There will be no more daytime pick-ups of these items after October 1, 2022.  Public Works Director Tom Cotter said, “If you already put out your recycling at night, the only difference will be the time it is picked up.”  Recycling can be put out as early as 3:00 p.m. for that night’s pick-up. Residents will be encouraged to set out their recycling by 5:00 p.m. on those nights.  Recycling pick-ups will take place from 9:00 p.m. onwards into the night until that night’s zone is completed. 

            Cans and bottles must be free of food matter before being set out for pick-up.  Please clean and rinse cans and bottles first before adding them to your recycling.  Please remove labels from all cans and bottles.  The recycling company can reject items that contain food matter or labels

            For the can and bottle collection, you are encouraged to use see-through or blue plastic recycling bags instead of barrels.  Please tie up the recycling bags. These bags will cause less noise and messiness than the barrels do.  Please do NOT use ordinary plastic shopping bags to recycle cans and bottles.  They will not be picked up.  Only clear plastic or blue recycling bags should be used for cans and bottles.

            The mixed paper and cardboard recycling must be bundled and secured, so that it does not blow around.  Paper and cardboard should never be put in plastic recycling bags.  They will not be picked up. 

            Never place the following items in your recycling containers:  plastic bags and wrappers, soiled paper, Styrofoam, clothing, shoes, pizza boxes, tools, food, toys, batteries, construction waste, medical items, yard waste, or diapers.   

            Electronic waste (e-waste) recycling (televisions and all other electronics) are picked up Monday to Friday by appointment only.  You must call 201-858-6099 the day before pick-up.  For Monday pick-ups, please call the previous Friday.

            Scrap metal pick-up takes place only on Tuesdays.  You must call in advance at 201-858-6099.

For any question or concerns, please dial either 201-858-6099 or 201-858-6131.  Thank you.