Actor Joe Sernio “Following His Destiny”

By Evelyn Bonilla


Destiny can play a lot of roles in the life of an actor, and if coupled with dedication and passion the end result can be amazing. Add on to that “love of the craft” and you have New Jersey born actor Joe Sernio.
But if one were to walk his path, one would find that the life of an actor was not something that this young actor had pursue originally. Sernio began his career in the “world of computers”. A graduated of the Chubb Institute of Technology, Sernio received a Computer Technical Support and Network Administrative degree. Pushing ahead he worked in the field about a year, until a tragic event would change his life entirely

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Joe Sernio would lose his beloved father. Now faced with the loss of his father the young Sernio turned away from computers for awhile and took over his father’s path. He became co-owner of  a Jersey City, N.J. restaurant named 4 Fifty 5-a Restaurant Bar & Lounge. There the doors of destiny would become wide open for the young Sernio.
He had always loved to act, but had never explored it until while managing the restaurant, his persona would attract various individuals from the film industry. They began to encourage him to pursue a career in acting and this was a dream that Sernio had always wanted to follow.
He enrolled in the Ted Bardy Studio for acting and took one on one classes with Ted Bardy himself. He studied hard and learned the business. In a matter of weeks of leaving the studio he signed onto his first agency.
Sernio was now on the fast track, and moving at record speed, destiny would once again play it’s cards and he would be casted in a variety of roles. He began work on television, in “Spinning with Butter“, CBS “Love  Monkey”, ABC’s “Hope and Faith“, “As the World Turns” and “Haunting Evidence“. He was interviewed by New York Rocks and the Vinny Vella Show. His work was noticed by the press and he had a variety of articles published about him.
Always working on his craft, he pushed himself further and further. He entered into the world of film and honed his craft into “magnetic and compelling” performances. Directors became fascinated in his ability to convert himself into “mysterious and daunting” characters.
He took the lead roles in “Repetition of Change” and his newest project, “The Roadhouse.” He is also the cover man for the “Bentley Diamond“, hand picked by the diamond importers,  Sernio was cast to play, “The Bentley Guy”. He is featured in all their commercials and print work.
When asked how his father would of felt at knowing all that he has accomplished, Sernio replied, “My father would of supported me in everyway, and he would of been happy that I was doing what I love to do.”
To date, Sernio is still traveling on the fast lane, acknowledged by Stuff Magazine as one of the real “GoodFellas”, he is totally and completely a natural actor. There is “no smoke and mirrors here” fate has landed and with that Joe Sernio can be proud.
In his spare time Sernio likes to give back, he’s involved with “The Ashley Lauren Foundation” an organization that helps children with cancer. He’s also on hand to promote Stuff Magazines, “Real Goodfellas” for charity and other organizations.
Sernio has come along way, since he first began his career, his love for the “world of acting” and his desire to bring to fruition these mesmerizing characters, is something the general public can gear themselves up to watch. Guided by his dedication, Sernio can continue to embrace his father’s memory and to accept the doors which have lead him to his destiny.

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