58 Jersey City Restaurants, Delis and Hotels —Plus a Hospital — Are Turning Grease into Green

Food-service businesses are earning $0.10 per gallon for used cooking oil, thanks to partnership between Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, Destination Jersey City and Grease Lightning

February 16, 2011, Jersey City, NJ -Jersey City Economic Development Corporation (EDC) CEO Steve Lipski announced today that the cooking oil recycling program launched late last month is off to a great start with 58 local, food-service enterprises now participating.

The program, a partnership between the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation, Destination Jersey City and Unity Fuels’ Grease Lightning, pays participating food-service organizations 10¢ per gallon for used cooking oil. The Jersey City Medical Center, Courtyard Marriott, Hyatt Regency Jersey City, Westin Jersey City, and more than 50 area restaurants have come on board with the program.

 “This really is a win-win for participants and for our community. There are no costs to the food-service participants; in fact, they can make money. And, our community is assured that this waste is removed and recycled safely and legally, and that it is transformed into an eco-smart fuel,” Mr. Lipski said.

 Grease Lightning, a Unity Fuels company, provides participants with free storage containers, collects the used cooking oil, and then processes it into the recycled vegetable oil (RVO) that is sent to local refineries for conversion into a clean, renewable diesel fuel substitute called biodiesel.

 Destination Jersey City Director of Tourism Lauren Hall, who has been handling awareness building with Jersey City food-service establishments, said there has been a very favorable response to the program.

 “Every one of the food-service establishments that learns about the program is very excited because if they sign up for it, they are saving money by not having to pay to have the used cooking oil removed from their premises, and they are actually making 10¢ for every gallon that’s removed,” Ms. Hall said.

 Mr. Lipski said that all Jersey City restaurants, delis, school cafeterias, hotels and food manufacturers are invited to participate.

 The contractual agreement and other information about the program may be obtained by visiting the Jersey City Economic Development Corporation website (www.jcedc.org) or www.DestinationJerseyCity.com, or by phoning Grease Lightning/Unity Fuels at 973-531-7816 and visiting their website www.yourwasteourfuel.com.

 The following is a list of food-service organizations participating in the Grease Lightning Recycling Program:


Abbeys Pub

Bar Majestic

Barge Inn

Bistro La Source

Boca Grande


BPRJ Deli & Grocery

Brownstone Diner

Buon Appetito

Cafe 95

Cafe Boca Grande

Cafe La Rustique


China Spice

CJ’s Ecuadorian Restaurant

Courtyard Marriott

El Caribe


Europa Cafe


Grand Banks Chinese

Grove St Deli – Bagels

Hamilton Inn

Helen’s Pizza


Hudson Greene Market

Hyatt Regency Jersey City

Ibby’s Falafel

Iron Monkey

It’s Greek to Me

JC’s Cafe

Jersey City Medical Center

John’s Pizza


La Conguita Restaurant

LightHorse Tavern

Lisbon II

Los Tres Chilitos

Lucky 7 Tavern

Lucky Star

 Maritime Parc

Monmouth Deli


New Little Quaipo

Nicks Pizza

Nicoles Carribean Restaurant

Parkside Bistro

Prince of Pizza

Red Ribbon Bakery

Rue Viet

Satis Bistro

Soul Flavor

Sunflower Cafe

Taj Mahal

The Market at Newport

The Pointe

Tommy’s Family restaurant

Westin Jersey City


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