Master Kenny Brown, Hanshi 9th Dan Ralph D. Passero, President Don Nagle’s  AOKA, and Black Belt Denzel Arlington, 2012 Don Nagle World Open Free Style  Fighting Grand champion of the Don Nagle World Open Karate Championship, held at  Marist High School, Bayonne NJ. and Master Sensei, and owner of Kedar’s Martial  Arts School,  Tyrone Arlington,      Denzel victoriously defended his 2011 title against Master Kenny Brown,representing Grandmaster Isaac Henry’s BKG Shool, an excellent fighter challenging every movement of Denzel, and was out pointed by one point after a  nine minute match, that was the high light of the days events. Master Kenny Brown, had defeated all the 1st place,  winners of the day before he earned the right to challenge the defending Grandchampion.

Don Nagle’s 2011American Okinawan Karate Assn, Inc, World Open Karate Championship, Bayonne New Jersey. This event is hosted by 9th Dan Dennis Hoare, Senior instructor of Don Nagle’s Karate in JC, and Shihan Rick Norris 8th Dan, also representing Don Nagle, and is the senior student of Shihan Dale Jenkins. This tournament is under the direction of Hanshi Ralph D. Passero 9th Dan, and President of Don Nagle’s AOKAINC.

This year celebrated the 54th year of Don Nagle’s Isshinryu Karate, hosting their annual Open Karate Championship, at Marist High School.

A karate competition recognized worldwide for the Isshinryu Karate’s Don Nagle, who brought this style of karate to the United States, in 1957, a police officer from Jersey City, who was known in Okinawa and the USA as the living legend.

His recognition was accepted as one of the senior men in the Okinawan Karate system and many of the senior ranks in
the martial arts today, sought recognition, rank under his tutelage.

This competition draws many of the senior ranking masters from all systems, Korean, Chinese, Okinawan, and many of the
styles derived from these disciplines.

The very beginning of this event, at the introduction of over 200 black belts, three senior black belt promotions were

9th Dan Red Belt President of the Don Nagle AOKA, had the honor of elevating one of his former instructors,
to the rank of 9th Dan, sanctioned by the AOKA INC, American Isshinryu, and also NEMA.

Hanshi Passero, had master Dennis Wright kneel down, as Master Passero, was also kneeling took off his red belt,
folded it, placed it on the floor, bowed to Master Dennis Wright, and announced as he presented his red belt to Master Wright, that from this day 24 September 2011, Master Wright has been elevated to the rank of 9th Dan, Red Belt.

This is done, when the seniors Teacher, Sensei, has passed on, Master Wright was a student of Grandmaster Don Nagle.
This was a once in a lifetime honor for both men, as Hanshi Passero credits Master Dennis Wright for his fighting ability, and recognition to this day.

Two other senior masters were elevated to the rank of 8th Dan, Master Jack Atwell, and Master Don Vitale, Hanshi Ernie Temple 10th Dan, elevated both men.  All of the senior rank promotions were endorsed by Grandmasters holding the rank of 10th Degree Red Belt, Ed McGrath, Ralph Chirico, Gary Alexander, Vincent Marchetti, J H Kim, Michael De Pasquale.

This competition has drawn competitors and senior masters from all over the USA, including Canada, Puerto Rico, and
also Guatemala, Mexico, and Germany.  It has rules to allow children and adults to compete, with non contact rules,
under the rank of black belt.

The end of the day, allows all 1st place winners, of each fighting division, to compete for the grand championship, and challenge the defending grand champion from last year’s competition.

Master Kenny Brown, over 50 years old, representing the BKG, from Long Branch, NJ was the undefeated black belt
champion of the day, eliminating all black belt competitors from 18 years up thru the age of 50.

Denzel Arlington, 21 years old, representing Master Kedars’ Martial Arts, Master Tyrone Arlington’s son and number
one student, from Jersey City was the defending champion.

This match pitted the old dog, against the young and skilled fighting talent, both technicians and in great physical
shape, excellent fighting combination, of kicks and punches, and the key to win this match was timing, after 9 minutes of continuous fighting Denzel scored the winning point both men bowed and embraced each other, with respect
for each warrior’s ability, in the true meaning of Bushido, The Way of the Warrior.

Diane Tonne, fought in the women’s advanced brown and black belt division, eliminating all competitors and was
awarded 1st place in free style fighting.  Diane was elevated to the rank of Ik Kyu, one rank before black belt.  Diane will be
tested in February for her black belt.

Marco Rodriguez, 10 years old, was awarded 2nd place in the free style fighting green belt, a very larger division, Marco is on his way to brown belt, and is a active free style competitor.

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