NY NJ Car Service in Kearny Saves the Day for Frantic NJ Traveler – a thank you note from her mother

Marci Groden- Mother and Columnist

Things like this happen, our daughter Annie had scheduled  to leave on a much-needed  vacation. She was leaving for Spain and that is all she talked about for weeks. Carefully she had planned for every detail on her own. Hotel reservations, airline  reservations, tours and she had planned on driving her self to the airport. So everything was a go.

Recently divorced this was  a trip of a lifetime for her  and a trip to prove to herself that she could make it on her own. She was so excited and so was my husband George and I for her.

We live in Atlanta Georgia, where I write for a community paper, my husband George and I were going to watch our two grandchildren. Our x- son -in- law Danny an  important IT person was  also going out-of-town on business and so he and my daughter Annie  asked  George and I  if  we wouldn’t mind watching the kids. Of course we jumped at the chance.

Our flight was to land  four hours after our daughter left on her flight, and Danny our x- son-in-law would be with the children when we arrived at his home.

Our flight landed perfectly and we arrived at Danny’s home. When we got there he said “Marci you and George missed all the action this morning.” Is Annie OK ? Did she leave on time. I asked.  Well yes, and no , Danny continued,  Annie was leaving the house to drive to the airport and found she had a flat tire. You know Annie, how many times did I try to teach her to fix a flat. My husband looked pained because he knew he would be the one  to fix  the flat. Danny continued, Annie began calling the one cab company in her town and they said it would be an hour wait so she called me frantic  and  I said “Call this company in Kearny that I use on occasion  they will help you no mater what -their reliable  NY NJ Car Service  she did and they got there in 25 minutes with  a Town Car to pick her up.”  My husband and I became happy at the news that our  Annie got to the airport on time.

After Annie arrived in Spain she called us to let us know she arrived safely and was in her hotel and she said  “You know Mom, there are some really great people in this world, the driver that picked me up this morning from that car service saw I was a nervous wreck and really put me at ease and  got me to the airport on time.” I would have been heartbroken if I missed the flight.

After hearing Annie tell me how helpful NY NJ Car Service was  I knew what I had to do. That’s how I am if you help my kids I am your friend for life.

The next morning I called the company and spoke to Mr. D’Errico President /owner and thanked him -it meant that much to me knowing what this trip meant to Annie. And I told Mr. D’Errico I am going to do something nice for you.  And so that is why you are reading this article– this is for Mr. D’Errico and the folks  at NY NJ Car Service for getting my Annie to the airport so she could make her trip of a lifetime.

I wrote this and posted it on the internet because I want everyone to know how reliable and good this company is to work with hoping someone else will use them.

I am happy, Annie is in Spain having the time of her life, Danny is on his business trip, I am watching my two grandchildren run around in Annie’s yard and George ,my husband, well, he’s fixing Annie’s flat tire.

Thank You

Marci Groden



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