Kelsey Muller

Kelsey Muller, Daughter of Muller Insurance Owner Roger J. Muller, Jr. graduates Harvard with Honors

 In September 2014, Kelsey Muller joins Deutsche Bank in New York City

Kelsey Muller grew up playing under her dad’s desk at Muller Insurance in Hoboken, the company her great-grandfather John Muller founded in the waterfront town back in 1906.  More than a hundred years later, Muller’s legacy lives on. The business, run by Muller’s grandchildren Roger J. Muller, Jr. and Erika Muller is thriving, and on May 29th, his great-granddaughter Kelsey Muller earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and graduated Cum Laude from Harvard College in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During her four years at the Ivy League school, Kelsey Muller maintained a 3.8 average and graduated with honors.

Founded in 1636, Harvard is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and one of the most prestigious in the world. Class of 2014 Kelsey Muller resided on campus in the Mather House, and in the summer of her junior year she accepted an offer from Deutsche Bank to join their ranks as an Investment Banker. Starting a career on Wall Street could be tough for a newbie, but Muller attributes the classes she took at Harvard for her sense of preparedness.

“By senior year we were studying industrial organization which focuses on the structure of industries whether it’s a monopoly or competitive market,” Kelsey says. “I took the Sophomore Seminar which covers the intersection of law and economics. One really cool class, American Economic Policy was taught by Jeffrey Liebman, Lawrence H. Summers and Martin Feldstein, who was an advisor to President Ronald Reagan.”

A course that had a deep effect on Muller was an African American Studies class; a small group of 15 students discussing issues Muller had never really talked about before.

“It was so interesting because I had never talked to people who viewed Harvard differently than I did,” Kelsey says. “There are so many things going on at Harvard.  The people you are exposed to change the way you think about things. There are people there from all over the world, a lot are well-traveled, well-read, and have a lot of professional and personal experiences.”

Muller, too, has worldly experiences. A certified PADI Master Scuba Diver – she earned her certification when she was 10 and by her sixth dive, she was diving in shark habitats. She has traveled to the Bahamas, Italy, Thailand and Mexico to scuba dive, and when she was 19, Muller dived in steel cages to observe Great Whites in Guadalupe.

“Diving is about getting a different perspective,” Muller says. “The ocean is like my lens and you see things differently as you travel down the depths of the water. The way you see the wildlife, the fish, the organisms that are living down there you’re seeing what not too many people have seen. It gives you a deeper understanding of the underwater environment and a real appreciation for the beauty of life.”

Muller’s dad holds 84 scuba diving certifications and introduced her to scuba diving when she was a little girl.  Kelsey has always been bright and full of wonder about the world, Roger Muller says.  She breezed through tests and loved trying new adventures.

“She’s smart and she’s fearless,” he says. “I’m extremely proud of her.  She’s highly intelligent and a great person.”

When she was a little girl Kelsey Muller spent lots of time at her dad’s insurance office playing with her younger sister and finding jobs to do like taking a magnet and picking up loose paperclips and staples that fell on the floor. Being around her dad’s business had a positive effect on her, she says.

“I was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit, owning something and making it your own,” Muller says. “My father has a strong sense of responsibility to the business and his clients. I saw that if your customers are happy and successful and get what they want, you’ll reach your goals too.”

On Sept 18th, Muller will be heading to Wall Street. She’s ready, she says, to put in the time to get the job done, and done well.

“No one is successful just working 9-to-5, you have to put in the hours, especially when you’re starting out,” Muller says. “Sometimes when I call my dad after 7 or 8 pm, he’s still at the office working.  I’m just starting out and I should be working that hard, too. I‘m always trying to find ways to educate myself, develop my skills further. Going to Harvard was a really unique experience. I’m sad to leave but I’m ready for the next big challenge. I’m not the same person I was when I started college four years ago.”

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