Freight Train Carrying Alledged Bomb- Is Made to Continue Its Journey Right Into Hudson County

 Local Hudson County Authorities Furious CXS Freight Train Didn’t Stop Until It Reached North Bergen In Hudson County.

Freight Train  Dropped Off Cars with Alleged Bomb Car, and Left for Long Island According to North Bergen Official.rail-road-tracks.jpg

A Florida woman who had mailed a UPS package to her sister-in -law, alerted Federal Authorities that a bomb had been placed in the package. The item was then traced to the freight train which was allowed to continue its journey from Delaware even after  law enforcement officials were notified when the train was still in Delaware.

Several law enforcement agencies including the New Jersey State Police, The Township  of North Bergen and the State Office of Management all worked in vain to have the railroad  avert the train from coming into the urban area of Hudson County. To no avail the train entered West Hudson County in Keanry; an area known to have Cholorine Tanks, and then into North Bergen ,and its large business district  with an area that houses a major gas line that services the North East and New York City

In the early evening of September 5th the train was stopped and 1200 packages were removed and searched. The package which was suppose to be 9 pounds of explosives and located in the front of the train, was located after many hours of searching and destroyed by water cannons. It was later determined that the bomb threat was a hoax and the package in question only contained a cell phone. The woman from Florida has been put into custody and is under investigation by Federal Authorities.

A portion of the North Bergen area threatend by the bomb explosion, was shut down during the incident, and some residents in the effected area where evacuted from their homes by a door to door evacuation.

According to the North Bergen Divison Commander Gerald Sanzari there is a distinct possiblilty the woman could be forced by the courts to pay restitution for the emergency personnel, resources, and overtime paid by the various agencies involved in the investigation.

“According to North Bergen Mayor Nicholas Sacco as reported by the Jersey City Reporter Newspaper, Sacco said;”They were asked not to come here. They came, they dropped the cars off and  took off with their train so they could continue with their run, and we were there with the supposed bomb.

Police Commisoner Sanzari felt that the train should of stopped in a more rual area somewhere between Fort Lauderdale Florida and North Bergen and not allowed to continue to North Bergen with such a great threat to an urban area.

CSX officials stated to authorities involved with the investigation that their own internal needs involving their personnel would be better served in the North Bergen area in dealing with the crisis.

A CSX Media Contact did not returns calls on this story.

Certain information for this post – Jersey City Reporter and North Bergen Township

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