DANGEROUS GUNMAN ARRESTED! Street Menace Charged with Shooting Four People Shooter loaded with Bullets and Drugs

 JERSEY CITY- Mayor Jerramiah T. Healy and Police Department officials announced the arrest of a local man connected with shooting four people during recent brazen gunplay on city streets.

Anthony Spence, 19, of Woodlawn Avenue, was taken into custody Thursday afternoon without incident at his Woodlawn Avenue home in the Greenville section of the city. South Precinct detectives backed by heavily armored officers from the Emergency Services Unit prepared for a violent confrontation, but Spence showed no resistance, officials said.

Spence is charged with the July 7th shooting of three local men at the intersection of Linden and Old Bergen avenues and the June 30th shooting of another man on Bostwick Avenue. Each of the victims sustained serious injuries, but each survived.

“This type of reckless gun violence is very disturbing,” said  Mayor Healy. “While I commend our police for doing a tremendous job in bringing this suspect to justice, I believe that gun violence like this can be greatly reduced if the federal government would take a stronger hand in diminishing the ease in which handguns are mass-produced and put on the streets via lax gun laws in many states.”

While all four of Spence’s victims survived their wounds, a search of his residence proved he was prepared for further violence.

“During the search we found 346 rounds of ammunition, much of it illegal hollow tip bullets,” said

Police Chief Tom Comey. “In addition, we found 69 vials of cocaine. We believe Mr. Spence’s arrest removed a major threat to safety of our residents.”

In the July 7th shooting, police determined Spence and two associates – Shawarice Stevens and a 17-year-old Newark boy – came across the group of about 10 residents.

Words were exchanged between the groups and Spence shot three of the victims, including one man who was hit with three rounds. While Spence was taken into custody without further drama, Stevens did not go in quite as easily, officials said. Police chased Stevens across rooftops Thursday night along Rose Avenue until finally getting him under control.

Spence is charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, weapons charges and narcotics charges. His accomplices, Stevens and the 17-year-old, are charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and conspiracy to commit aggravated

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