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Jersey City Puerto Rican Day Parade

ME Casa (Su Casa) Shining a Spotlight on Fine Puerto Rican Cuisine in Jersey City

 By Sally Deering

Chef Ed Coto Jr. in front of his restaurant Me Casa
Chef Ed Coto Jr. in front of his restaurant Me Casa

 Eighteen months ago Chef Ed Cotto, Jr., and his wife Maria discovered a little nook on Varick Street in Jersey City and turned it into ME Casa, a divine little restaurant where the star is traditional Puerto Rican cuisine served in grand style. Cotto, who was born and raised in Brooklyn and spent much of his childhood in his family’s native Puerto Rico, has a special ingredient he adds to all his dishes: he calls it heart and soul.

“I’m a little disturbed Latin cuisine hasn’t elevated,” Cotto says on a recent afternoon as he prepares for the evening dinner crowd.  “I went to Puerto Rico a couple years ago and not only didn’t they change their physical décor, it was the same dishes I had 20 years ago. Puerto Ricans have been content selling Puerto Rican food to Puerto Ricans. My challenge is to sell it to people of other cultures. Roast pork is roast pork, how do you make it differently? ”

The dining room, red-bricked lined with tables covered in white linens, is intimate and warm with Latin music

Me Casa downtown Jersey City Puerto Rican restaurant
Me Casa intimate dining room

playing softly in the background. It’s a BYOB restaurant and Cotto encourages his guests to bring their own wine or beer to complement his menu, which offers select traditional Puerto Rican dishes by Cotto.

“My boss is the people who sit here in these chairs,” Cotto says. “Good food and hospitality, it has to go hand in hand. I want my customers to connect.”

Cotto offered a visitor a few ME Casa signature dishes to taste like the Mofongo Al Pilon, mashed green plantains and garlic topped with beef (shrimp or chicken) stew which was very tasty. The beef in the stew was tender and the gravy had some really nice flavors. Another delicious house specialty is the Pernil Asado, traditional marinated pulled pork. A real standout is the Alcapurias, fried mashed green banana and plantain Continue reading ME Casa (Su Casa) Shining a Spotlight on Fine Puerto Rican Cuisine in Jersey City

Marist High School Students Go to the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet!

Marist Flamenco Dancers On November 15th Marist High School’s Spanish teacher, Ms. Gonzalez took students to the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet held at the Park Performing Arts Center in Union City. This is the sixth year that Marist students have traveled to see the show. Marist High School Student Matthew Cabrera said : “I had such a good time last year, I went again this year.”  The show demonstrated different dances from different parts of the world. The show included dances from Argentina, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. Native instruments and clothing also provided an extra treat for the audience. The show was very interactive calling for audience participation between dance performances. It is important to the Marist High School Administration that the students experience other cultures, so that they become well- rounded citizens.

Puerto Rican Day Parade in Jersey City Marks 50th Anniversary

pr-parade-11As they have been doing for the past 50 years,the  crowds came to see a parade rain or shine on Sunday August 22nd as thousands of spectators waited patiently for the 50 Annual Jersey City Puerto Rican Day parade to get underway. Just after 1 pm it began at Lincoln Park and Kennedy Boulevard  and it ran for over 2 hours long as it made its way along Montgomery street to its final destination -City Hall on Grove Street in Downtown Jersey City. While the rain came down hard at times the spectators and parade marches waved Puerto Rican flags pr-parade-15and yelled back and forth to each other “Puerto Rico” “Puerto Rico.” 

Our River View Observer photographer Newsboi was there to capture the days event.

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