Lighting & Decorating Tips

That Will Make a Room Sparkle


 The fabrics you pick for your upholstery pieces and the lighting fixtures you place overhead and at tabletop height can make a room sparkle or fall flat.

According to Candice Olson, celebrated interior designer and TV host, bringing the necessary ‘bling’ to a space demands two important decorating concepts — dramatically detailed or styled upholstery wrapped in a luminescent fiber and layered lighting featuring fixtures constructed of materials that play up the sparkle.  Olson often resorts to hi-sheen fabrics like chenille or silk, jewel-like materials and lots and lots of lighting to bring a space to life. 


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The Single Life


                         The Joy of  Being Single

By Michael Douglas

If you’re successful, single and satisfied, you’re probably part of a growing breed of people who enjoy being ‘quirkyalones’. ‘Quirkyalone’ referring to someone who enjoys being single (but is not opposed to being in a relationship) and generally prefers to be alone rather than dating for the sake of being in a couple.
For the uninitiated, a ‘quirkyalone’ is a person who enjoys being single. Although not averse to the idea of a relationship, they would rather stay alone than date just for the sake of dating.

The concept originally began as a personality type. Among a diverse group of people who identified with it (married, single, divorced, or widowed) soon grew to become something more.

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PET VIEWS- Articles for Pet Lovers

Humans Reap The Health Benefits Of Canine Companionship cute-puppy1-copy.jpg

By Colleen Kelly

The health benefits of owning a dog have long been known, but now people are starting to bring dogs into hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and prisons where canine affection is changing peoples’ lives and promoting wellness.
Only a dog owner could relate to the feeling of being greeted by ecstatic, tail-wagging euphoria after a hard day at work. Every day, regardless of what you’ve accomplished or where you’ve been, your dog is elated to see you, and that joy can be contagious.

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OUR COMMUNITY-Active Organizations & web sites in Hudson County



New to our Community vist these sites…

Downtown Jersey City Watch, email:
to join: Meetings 2nd Monday of the month – Grace Church Van Vorst, 39 Erie Street

The Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association:

Post message: 

Hilltop Yahoo group: 

Powerhouse Arts District Redevelopment Concerned Residents:

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Khaled Hosseini. A friendship between two women in Afghanistan against the backdrop of 30 years of war. (Riverhead, $25.95)


It IT’S ALL ABOUT HIM, by Denise Jackson with Ellen Vaughn. The wife of the country music star Alan Jackson describes how religious faith re-stored her marriage. (Thomas Nelson $24.99)                                    


The Secret

THE SECRET, by Rhonda Byrne. The law of attraction as a key to getting what you want. (Atria/Beyond Words $23.95)

August Travel- Bonaire

bonaire turtle …It’s not just about diving anymore

     Tom Dwyer

 For decades, the island of Bonaire, located in the Dutch West Indies, (Lesser Antilles) has been known as a diver’s paradise. Year after year, divers return to the protected waters around this island of 14,000 residents, never tiring of the beauty below the water. But over the past few years, more and more visitors are coming to this 24-mile long Caribbean paradise to take in the beauty above the water as well, and all of the activities it offers.
Location and Climate
 Bonaire is located 30 miles from Curacao, 50 miles north of Venezuela and 86 miles east of Aruba.  Its yearly average temperature is 82 F and its water temperature is 80F, with an arid, desert-like terrain.

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Month of August -Judy Banta Lewis
  AIRES-The aspects to the 1st house of your solar chart are stunning. The good news is people will see you as a powerful spirit. The bad news is they may be overwhelmed by your energy and go into an avoidant mode. If your associates see you walking down the hallway and slip into the bathroom just so they don’t have to face you, it could be time to tone down that Aries personality. Just a thought, the astral advice suggests.

TAURUS- Mars in the 2nd house of finance and nicely aspected will find you pushing for the financial advantage that you so deserve. At this time you sense the universe is in harmony with your inner soul. Money and success are not bad words. Your pot of gold will begin filling in the month of August.

GEMINI– Short trips can lead to adventure as you seem destined for excitement. Time away from home leaves you lusting for more. This is a month that will be remembered as one of the best life has to offer. Normal concerns will return in the fall but now is the time for FUN.

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The Guy’s -Attic Ensemble

September 11-16the guys for internet
The Attic Ensemble, Theater for a New Jersey City will present The Guys by Anne Nelson, directed by Art Delo. The production features AJ Liana of Bayonne and Wanda Maragni of West Orange.

Less than two weeks after the September 11th attacks, New Yorkers are still in shock. One of them, an editor named Joan, receives an unexpected phone call on behalf of Nick, a fire captain who has lost most of his men in the attack. He’s looking for a writer to help him with the eulogies he must present at their memorial services. Nick and Joan spend a long afternoon together, recalling the fallen men through recounting their virtues and their foibles, and fashioning the stories into memorials of words. Continue reading The Guy’s -Attic Ensemble

Art Views- Featured Artist -Nicola Dudley


nickola-dudley-ocean-city-nj2.jpgNickola Dudley’s earlier work mainly consisted of family and friends in mundane situations. Even though the subjects stood or sat close together there was never any interaction or tension. They kept their distance, remaining remote and seemed content in doing so. The artist eventually became more interested in the space between them and started pulling the areas out. These spaces soon became her new subjects.

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