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Vincent Czyz pens Stories of Restless Dreamers and a Blue Jean Baby Queen

 By Sally Deering

New book by Vincent CzyzLike many young writers in their 20s searching for the road less traveled, Vincent Czyz packed up his car one day and hit the highway for a cross-country trip. Jack Kerouac did it as a member of the Beat Generation; Hippies in the 60s did it to find girls with flowers in their hair. To a budding writer, The West can be as inviting as a ballpoint pen and a clean sheet of paper.

Author of A drift in a Vanishing City Vincent Czyz
Vincent Czyz

Czyz’s travels to find adventure led him to a town in Kansas and a colorful cast of characters who were hard-drinking, had their hearts broken more than once, and could tell a story as good as Louis C.K. Guys with names like Zirque, the Blue Jean Queen, and Stevie “The Duke of” Pallucca.



Seasoned Reporter Pens Novel on 100-Year Old Sabotage

Frank “Boss” Hague at Center of Controversy, Again!

 By Sally Deering

Some reporters seem to have ink in their veins; just the hint of a good tale propels them to find the facts, pinpoint the characters and put it in print.

Former Jersey Journal reporter Ron Semple
Ron Semple

That seems to be the case with Ron Semple, a 5th Generation Jersey Cityite who walked the Jersey City beat for the Hudson Dispatch and Jersey Journal in the 1950s and 60s, Semple wrote news and features and at 27 became the Jersey Journal’s City Editor with a crew of 50 reporters he could send out on a moment’s notice to get a story. More than 50 years later, Semple finds himself once again writing copy about his hometown.


Black Tom book cover In BLACK TOM, Terror on the Hudson (Top-Hat Books, 516 pgs.; $27.95) Semple turns back the calendar to 1916 when German saboteurs destroyed a large railroad munitions depot (Black Tom) on the Jersey City waterfront. The explosion killed and injured several night watchmen and caused extensive property damage costing millions of dollars.


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BLUE COLLAR BROADWAY: The Craft and Industry of American Theater

 NJCU Professor Pens Book on Broadway’s Unsung Artisans

 By Sally Deering

Blue Collar Broadway  When some folks see Broadway’s Theater District for the first time they ooh, ah and buy tickets to the show they’re dying to see. When Timothy White, Ph.D., an assistant professor of history at New Jersey City University first saw Broadway, he not only bought tickets, he began researching its glorious history.


Dr. Whte author of Blue Collar Broadway
Dr. Timothy R. White Author

Dr. White’s curiosity centered on the artists behind the scenes, the nameless crafts men-and-women who sewed the costumes, built the scenery and provided the lights needed to spotlight all those chorus girls in musical showstoppers. White’s curiosity led him to the Library of Performing Arts to write his dissertation for his Columbia University Ph.D. and the result is his first published book BLUE COLLAR BROADWAY: The Craft and Industry of American Theater (pub: University of Pennsylvania Press) now on the shelves of Barnes & Noble and online at

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Patty’s Turn: New Book, by Mother of Actress Tammy Blanchard, Exposes Lifetime of Harrowing Abuse & Empowers Bold Transition from Victim to Victor

Written from the heart and experiences of Patty Blanchard, ‘Patty’s Turn: It took faith, courage and the love of her children to save her from attempted murder’ sees the author piece together her memories following almost six-decades of abuse at the hands of parents, siblings and lovers. Blanchard’s survival is nothing short of a miracle and, by sharing her story, she hopes to empower millions of abused women to take a stance against their malefactors and embark on their own journey to a better life.

Bayonne, NJ — (ReleaseWire) — 11/1/2014 — Memoirs about abuse are certainly not rare, but hardly any span a lifetime and come from the family members of those in the public eye. Tammy Blanchard may be known to audiences and critics around the world, but her mother Patty has kept quiet about her own life, until now.

‘Patty’s Turn: It took faith, courage and the love of her children to save her from attempted murder’ fuses a tragic life story with an inspirational message of hope.Synopsis:

This is the memoir of Patty Blanchard, one of 14 children raised in a tough Jersey City family during the 1950s. Patty survived many things during her childhood, but it was the attempted murder she experienced as a mother-of-three that helped her discover what courage, faith and the love of family is really all about.

“I start right at the beginning, aged four years old and at the hands of a physically-abusive mother who had six kids packed into a cramped Jersey City flat without enough beds, clothes and often just stale pieces of bread for dinner,” explains Blanchard. “My baby sister died of Croup and I became the punching bag for my mother’s grief, who physically and mentally abused me for the next decade and a half. We also lost a brother, Arthur, who was murdered at fourteen. I left home and married an older man when I was just seventeen. This was my ticket to a new life, or so I thought.”

Continuing, “He and my next husband abused me. At the age of thirty-two I packed up my belongings, my kids and we set off on my promise of a better life. Things were looking up as I built a successful cleaning business from the ground up and was both confident and independent for the first time in my life. I was determined to stay away from abusers. But at the age of thirty-five I found myself fighting for my life, with multiple hammer wounds and being left for dead. Somehow, through the grace of faith and love of my children, I survived.”

Patty didn’t write her book for commercial gain. In fact, it started as personal therapy.

“My therapist asked me to write down my thoughts and memories as they came back to me. I did this for years but didn’t ever read my notes back. Over twelve years I accumulated more than four-hundred pages and the power of my words caused me to break down when finally reading them. I decided to compile them into a book to help others facing the demons of abuse. If I can help just one person avoid a life like mine, then I’ll see it as a huge success.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of rave reviews. Charlotte McNamara comments, “I absolutely loved this book! The writer was very brave, honest and real. Some like to portray” our lives to be perfect. Some of us like to read what really happens in someone’s life, whether good or not so good. This writer however captured my soul. Reading of her childhood and through her life was a heartfelt and left me in tears. Tears for that little girl, tears for that struggling teen …tears for all the other women who can’t tell their story, but sometimes can identify with some things in her book.”

River View Observer adds, “An excellent read -a real page turner about an American family and a young woman’s abusive life and triumphant return from an attempted murder on her life by a former spouse. Ms. Blanchard has created a road map for women looking to move past abusive relationships to a place of empowerment.”

‘Patty’s Turn: It took faith, courage and the love of her children to save her from attempted murder’ is available now:

About Patty Blanchard
Patty will celebrate her 60th birthday on Nov.3th with her 3 children, William, Tammy, Thomas and her 4 grandchildren, Ava, William, Kaylee and Jaidah. Patty can finally say she knows what true love is, she met her soul mate Joe and has been skipping down the road of happiness for the past 8 years. 

Local Author Takes on New Jersey Governor’s Political Career “Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie” in Stores Now

 By Ricardo Kaulessar

Ruthless Ambition Manzo“I have heard enough fiction from Mr. Manzo, I don’t need to read his book too.”

If it’s possible for Governor Chris Christie to offer a book review, then he did so at a recent press conference in Camden when asked about “Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie,” the new book by former New Jersey State Assemblyman Louis Manzo, which can be seen as a nonfiction work that tells a story that’s stranger than fiction. Continue reading Local Author Takes on New Jersey Governor’s Political Career “Ruthless Ambition: The Rise and Fall of Chris Christie” in Stores Now

Award Wining Writer Sally Deering’s First Novella, “The Apple that fell from the Orange Tree” Now Available on and

You can also purchase "The Apple that fell from the Orange Tree" at
You can also purchase "The Apple that fell from the Orange Tree" at

A River View Observer best pick” Ebook”

about –A girl’s life in a Brooklyn Orphanage and the journey she takes  to find her way home.

To read this book go to

 or and download your copy for $2.99

Visiting Jersey City’s 3rd Annual Book Festival

Author’s Come Out to Talk About Their Books, Share Their Intelligence And Creativity

A Tale of Our City” book festival offers authors, new and established, of all genres and ages, a venue where they can showcase their works and  bring to the reading and buying public in a neutral inspiring setting.- Sonia Araujo/ Chair  “A Tale of Our City.”

 On a beautiful Saturday, September 18th the Jersey City’s 3rd Annual Book Festival was  held in Van Vorst Park. The first author we met was 

Al Sullivan with his book Everyday People: Profiles of the Garden State
Al Sullivan with his book Everyday People: Profiles of the Garden State

 Al Sullivan who works for the Hudson County Reporter papers-Bayonne CommunityNews. Al is a Senior Saff Writer, who reports the news and exhorts about Hudson County  politics in his weekly column.

Al was at the Book Festival to promote and read from his first book ” Everyday People: Profiles of the Garden State- published by Rutgers Press, 2001.  As Mr. Sullivan will tell you about his book “That every life has a story ripe for the telling.”

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Reading- Benjamin Franklin’s comeback – founding father gives financial advice

Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin
What You Are Reading – River View Observer Book Pick
Way to Wealth -2010 Version of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to WealthToday’s recession economy has made most people pessimistic about their financial prospects. With daily offers of get-rich-quick schemes and big pay for little work, people don’t know what to believe. But Americans have always believed in the founding fathers, which is why Jack Vincent’s rewrite of Benjamin Franklin’s 1758 Way to Wealth (Helpful Info Publishing) is a relevant and welcomed addition to anyone’s collection. This timeless guide to financial prosperity has been rewritten and adapted for modern readers and today’s economy. In these uncertain times, readers can apply Benjamin Franklin’s wisdom to their lives and financially prosper.*

Way to Wealth Book

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Barnes and Noble 10 Best Fiction Books of 2009

  1. The Girl who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson
  2. Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel
  3. Let the Great World Spin by Colum McCann
  4. A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore
  5. Spooner by Pete Dexter
  6. Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls
  7. Too Much Happiness by Alice Munro
  8. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe
  9. Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower
  10. Lark and Termite by Jayne Anne Phillips

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