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Bayonnenative John Alex Grant is one of the lead actors in the independent feature film Sister Patchouli

johngrantphoto-2.jpgJohn Alex Grant Actor from Bayonne Has a Lead Role
in Movie Premiering October 9th

Premiering on Thursday, October 9, at the Sondheim Theatre in Fairfield, Iowa.

My Town Pictures, winner of the top Award of Excellence from the Iowa Motion Picture Association in 2007 and 2008, has produced more than 25 feature film films since 1999 and has won 11 national Telly Awards.

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Steve Fullop -Downtown Jersey City Ward E Councilman Calls For Public To Sign Petiton


Ward E Councilman Steve Fullop of Jersey City authored a formal resolution that was approved by the Jersey City Council and sent to the Port Authority of NY/NJ formally requesting fairness with regard to increased PATH service on the weekends and weeknights To find out more about this petition click on

Community Bank Remains Strong Despite Troubled Market

As giant financial institutions are brought to their knees by current market conditions, the oldest bank in New Jersey remains strong. 
Founded in 1839, The Provident Bank is the oldest bank chartered in New Jersey. This bank survived the stock market crash in 1987, the Great Depression in the 1930s, the savings and loan crisis in the 1980s, the junk bonds collapse in the 1990s, the dot-com bust in 2000 and the most recent sub-prime lending crisis which has ensnared so many other financial institutions. 

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Trend- PERKONOMICS-Why Perks and Privileges Are The New Currency

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PERKONOMICS: A new breed of perks and privileges, added to brands’ regular offerings, is satisfying consumers’ ever-growing desire for novel forms of status and/or convenience, across all industries. The benefits for brands are equally promising: from escaping commoditization, to showing empathy in turbulent times. One to have firmly on your radar in 2009.Click to read more

Grandchildren become Inspiration for Hudson County Womans Online Business

baby-sleeping-pink-favor.JPGbaby-arm-corsage.JPGbaby-blue-with-umbrella-2.JPG Babies New Pink and Blue .com a new on line E-store becomes reality after Hudson County woman trys to find baby shower items for her daughter and daughter -in law and decides to make them herself.

While  her daughter and daughter -in law were pregnant; Hudson County resident, Patricia Rettig, became frustrated at seeing the same type of shower gifts wherever she went, and decided to make the baby shower items for their baby showers herself.

 Her designs were so unique that soon other women at the baby showers for her daughter, and daughter -in law asked her to make some for their family members. She began  selling her unique handcrafted designed baby shower favors and  centerpieces on ebay.

“I began getting orders from all over the country and the rest is history.” The married mother of 3 children and 4 grandchildren explained. ” I knew there would be a market for the type of pieces I was creating, because I try to make each design unique, I spend hours thinking about  each design then I incorporate my ideas with various items of fabric, lace, baby items and handdraft the finish product.

 Babies New Pink & Blue .com is a full service web site with items for both preenies, todlers, teens , and young adult children, women and men.

To find out more information about ordering Patricia Rettig Baby Shower Designer Items and about Babies New Pink and Blue. com contact her at

Bayonne Graffiti Vandals Tag River View Observer Van

In recent months the City of Bayonne, New Jersey has been hit by a rash of graffiti, on homes, buildings, fences, businesses and yes -even on one of our vans.


According to Police Chief Robert Kubert, there is a competition on the streets between groups of young vandals over who can produce the most graffiti.

Bayonne City Departments Coordinate Response to Graffiti 

 Mayor Terrence Malloy announced that several municipal departments and agencies are coordinating the City of Bayonne’s response to graffiti. Representatives of the Departments of Health, Police, and Public Works have been meeting with representatives of the Office of the Mayor and the Bayonne Municipal Utilities Authority to develop new means to combat the problem.
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