Whereas, Currently, women comprise nearly 19 percent of all active duty personnel in the Air Force, 18 percent of the Navy, 14 percent of the Army, and eight percent of all Marines; and

Whereas, In New Jersey, women constitute roughly 18 percent of the total population of the New Jersey Army National Guard and make up 23 percent of the New Jersey Air National Guard; and

Whereas, The population of women veterans is expected to reach 2 million by 2020 increasing exponentially from 1.1 million in 1980, comprising more than 10 percent of the veteran population; and

Whereas, New Jersey is proud of and appreciates the service of its own 25,678 women veterans who have demonstrated great skill, sacrifice, and commitment to defending the principles upon which our Nation was founded and continues to uphold; and

Whereas, The State of New Jersey can highlight the growing presence of women in the Nation’s armed forces and the State’s national guard and pay respect to women veterans for their dutiful military service by designing June 12 as “Women Veteran Appreciation Day” in New Jersey. 

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