lovari, artist & performer achieves one of his dreams

The song itself is about staying positive in the face of adversity and also about being supportive of your fellow woman and man. My favorite line in the song is “I’m sick and tired of waiting for people to fail. Instead of pushing them dowen, we should put wind in their sails.”

  • Who are some of your biggest musical influences and why?

My new album “Moment Of Love” is a collection of songs by the majority of my musical influences – Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, LaBouche, Donna Summer, and others.

 Most of my favorite songs by these artists were album tracks and not released as singles (such as Sarah McLachlan’s “Plenty” and Mary J. Blige’s “My Loving”). Some were only released as singles outside of the country (La Bouche’s “Moment Of Love” and Annie Lennox’s “Wonderful”). Others are not the most well known from the particular artist (Cher’s “One By One”, Donna Summer’s “Carry On”), but they all resonate the most with me from each particular artist’s catalog. My previous album was mostly ballads and slow jams, so I wanted to veer in the direction of all dance music for this project. I love early 90s house music and I feel that those sounds are what is most represented on this album.

  • A few years ago, you released a bilingual track, Te Siento. Are you fluent In Spanish? Will you release another Spanish song?

It’s funny that you mention that, because over the weekend, I was actually thinking about how I would like to record another bilingual track in the near future. I am not fluent in Spanish. I am speak it conversationally. “Te Siento” is definitely one of my favorite recordings. I wrote and translated it myself. It is actually my most streamed single on Spotify, even though it didn’t chart on Billboard as “No Day Like Today” did.

  • Tell us about your upcoming supporting acting role in the horror film The Barn 2.

That’s another decade in the making dream come true; actually even longer than that. Horror films are my number one favorite genre. I’m talking specifically 80s slasher (i.e. Jason/Michael Myers’ franchises, etc).  Like with most of my career, I set out upon this role myself, without asking an agent to represent me for the role. The film is directed by Justin Seaman. I play Tony, and my boss in the film is actor Ari Lehman (Jason from “Friday The 13th). We follow a series of goings on in a small town and accept an offer from our arch nemesis Ms. Barnhart (played by Linnea Quigley – my favorite horror film actress of all time) to attend a town meeting in regard to everything. Without giving away too much about my character, I can say that I am thrilled to be in the cast ensemble of this horror franchise and I got to do just about everything you’d expect to do in a horror film – sarcastic dialogue, comedic movements, fight scenes, and yes – special F/X makeup! I am still in awe that I got to work and have dialogue with my favorite horror film actress of all time and with the actor that played my favorite horror villian of all time.  It is set for release in the fall.

  • Tell us about your gig at NY Fashion Week (Fall Winter) . 

This will be my first time performing during New York Fashion Week. To say I’m thrilled is an understatement. I will be performing my new single “Wonderful” at the New York Couture Fashion Show for designer Andres Aquino collection in Times Square and I will also be performing at Fashion Week’s Pet Fashion Show as well for pet designer  Danielle Pursell.

  • I understand you are involved with Harsimus Cemetery in Jersey City. Tell us more…

I have so much respect for Eileen and Aart Markenstein’s dedication and upkeep of the Harsimus Cemetery. I am in awe of the great upkeep that the veterans on site do there. I love history, specifically the Revolutionary War period. There are over 100 soldier’s graves from that period and other wars there. I have so much respect and gratitude to our service women and men in the military. That being said, it is always an honor when Eileen asks me to perform the National Anthem during their Memorial Day and Veterans Day events. There’s so much that goes on there – goats tending the grounds, benefit concerts. Everyone involved there is selfless in what they do – and it shows.

  • What are the biggest challenges in the music business you’ve had to overcome so far? 

Lack of respect. I’ve been blessed to perform at major events and public figures, but sometimes when embarking upon local music festivals across the U.S., if I’m not accepted, I’ll receive a genetic letter, and I’m like, did you even take the time to look at my work or music resume? I still shake my head about this.

  • Tell us about Celebrity Boxing in Atlantic City.

Boxing is actually my favorite sport. I used to attend Golden Gloves matches in Jersey City. I’m excited to be involved with the Celebrity Boxing franchise’s upcoming events. I will be performing for the main battle of Dwight Gooden vs. Catfish Cooley on March 7th at The Showboat in Atlantic City. This particular event is geared as the Fight For Sobriety. I have not drank alcohol in fifteen years, so that definitely means something to me.

  • Is Lovari your first or last name? 

Lovari is my last name, but people have been calling me that as if it were my first name since the third grade.

  • What excites you most? What are you doing next?

I am working on the release of four music videos for my new album, so I look forward to promoting the album “Moment Of Love” with these visuals, and obviously gigging around the country for it. I am really excited about the release of “The Barn 2” in the fall.  My supporting role in  2018’s “Matters Of The Heart” continues to make rounds in film festivals, which is always a blessing.

  • Any fan experiences?

I am so grateful to anybody that takes the time out to talk to me about

If my songs affected them or if they enjoyed my role in something. For every

One of me, there are 100 people on 1 city block alone that would like the same

Opportunity. I do not take that for granted.

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